everything about “Russian Olive”

everything about “Russian Olive” “Russian Olive” is one of the most delicious fruits that we know it because of it’s use on the Haft Sin table at Nowruz. But the fact is that Russian Olive, in addition to being one of the components of this ancient table, also has countless properties that we may not know much about. Both the skin and the mantle and its core all have extraordinary therapeutic properties that can resolve many physical and mental problems and treat many diseases easily. The great man, Abu Ali Sina explains the properties of many plants and trees in the part of his famous and valuable book, "ghanoon", which one of them is Russian Olive. In this section he introduces the properties of Russian Olive and says that in terms of medicine The leaves, skin and wood of this fruit have many properties. Nowadays, in our country, Russian Olive cultivation is carried out on a large scale, which is a huge capacity for the conversion industry. Considering the importance of this fruit in the country and by explaining this introduction to its unique features, we decided in this article to tell you more about this product, its medicinal properties, its storage, and its export and import status.

1. Russian Olive Planting

The scientific name of Russian Olive is “laeagnusan gastifolial” and the origin of the plant and the use of it’s friut is to European countries, especially Germany, and was cultivated for the first time in the 1730s. Russian Olive has a very fast growth rate, so it can grow in soils that are not richly nutritious. Russian Olive usually grows into a spiny shrub or tree that has a height of 4 to 7 meters. The Russian Olive leaves are oval and narrow, and alternate on branches. Russian Olive blooms also have a pleasant smell, sometimes used as ornament. The fruit has a solid core inside itself; the color of the skin is orange-red and the color of inside which is a powdery and soft state, is white. Russian Olive blooms usually flourish in the late spring and early summer, and they are the months of June and the spring of their growing season. Russian Olive needs sunshine to be able to process its growth well; however, in areas where light is low, it continues to grow. Russian Olive tree resists dehydration and survives in the hot summer sun. Russian Olive plant is multiplied by seeding. Sometimes, of course, some farmers also do this through slicing. In this case, about 3 to 4 years after the buds are green, flowers blossom and fruit. Tree saplings can survive in cold weather and withstand temperatures of -34 ° C. In the warm summers, the Russian Olive also continues to grow and survive. Such weather conditions have led to the growth of this product in most of our provinces.
Another point to be noted with regard to Russian Olive is its effect on drought control; the plant does not require much water, and therefore it grows well in the dry conditions and gives the fruit. Therefore, keeping and harvesting the product at the lowest cost, this consideration can help to increase employment rates in the agricultural and industrial areas. Russian Olive has different names in Persian as “idea”, “nojabir” and “najida”.

2. Russian Olive benefits

Different parts of the Russian Olive have medicinal and medicinal properties and the use of Russian Olive is recommended for the treatment of many diseases by traditional medical practitioners. Different parts of the plant have essential oil and alkaloids that can be widely used in herbal medicine. Russian Olive has many effects on the treatment of problems such as frequent urination, hiccups, fever, and prevention of leprosy, and is an anticancer fruit. In this section, we will describe some of the properties of Russian Olive and explain its application in various cases.

1. High vitamin C

Russian Olive fruit is rich in vitamin C, and therefore it is considered a good recommendation for people whose have a weak defender system. The use of Russian Olive juice protects the body against diseases, and it is especially recommended in autumn when diseases are more prevalent.

2- Treatment of diarrhea

People with diarrhea can treat this problem with the use of Russian Olive as a good drug. in addition to the treatment of diarrhea, Russian Olive also eliminates the toxins.

3- Bone strength

One of the main properties of Russian Olive is to bone strength; therefore, it is recommended for people who have fractures in various areas of the body, such as those in the body, are advised to use a large amount of Russian Olive. Russian Olive helps to bone bind and tightens newly formed bones that are not yet rigid and soft. The use of this fruit also strengthens the legs and is especially suitable for children.

4. Diet

Russian Olive use is recommended to overweight people. Individuals who plan to slimming diet can put on their own plans to take advantage of this fruit. the effect of Russian Olive on slimming is because of its high fiber content; high-fiber gives a feeling of satiety and this fruit prevents high consumption of food by reducing the amount of hunger constantly.

5. anti-cancerous

Russian Olive is an anti-cancerous fruit that has a high nutritional value, and the use of it can prevent many diseases. Russian Olive fruit has various antioxidant compounds that are very effective in eliminating free radicals and preventing cancer. In addition, people with unexplained headaches can also cope the pains with the constant use of Russian Olive.

6. Digestive health

Russian Olive help improve gastrointestinal function and eating 10 seeds per day can cleanse the digestive system from many toxins. The Russian Olive also keeps the kidneys warm and prevents the cold, so with the onset of the cold season, the fruit can play an effective role in keeping the body warm.

3. Complications and harms

Although the Russian Olive has many good properties, it’s excessive consumption can have problems and complications. One of the disadvantages of excessive consumption is constipation. So it is suitable for people with diarrhea, but ordinary people who have no problems, should use it in a balanced way. Also, excessive use of Russian Olive can lead to problems such as indigestion, intestinal infections, and embolism. In general, the greatest effect of excess in consumption of Russian Olive, returns to the intestines, stomachs and the gastrointestinal tract; therefore, people with a sensitive stomach or mens who suffering from various digestive problems should take caution in using this fruit. Russian Olive is cool and dry in terms of the traditional medicine; therefore, it is good to use for warm people, But those who are cold should not eat too much of this fruit, because in the long term their nerves will be weakened and in the short term they will show behaviors such as aggression and impatience. In general, studies have shown that Russian Olive do not create a problem in common. causing problems in relation to different individuals and their differences. However, it may occasionally cause mild allergies and short-term allergic stimuli.

4. Russian Olive powder

In addition to the use of anisotrop, Russian Olive powder also has unique properties; usually Russian Olive powder is a combination of anodized fruit powder with its core powder. Russian Olive core powder has amazing properties in cartilage production and is very effective in the treatment of osteoporosis, as well as in strengthening newborns. Russian Olive powder also has an effect on muscle aches like back pain and joint pains. To make powdered amber, you need to put some of it in the crusher. Of course, if you do not have a crusher, you can also get the powder from stores. The use of Russian Olive powder is common with the milk; some also add some honey to the compound that is effective in treating bone problems and preventing Alzheimer's. Russian Olive powder can also be used in foods such as salads, soups, rice, soups, and so on, which helps to improve the taste of food and increases the nutritional value. Despite the fact that the fruit is effective in weight loss, its powder is very helpful to the healthiness, vitality and local obesity, especially obesity of face. Russian Olive powder can be used in various cosmetic masks and combined with yogurt for softness of the skin. Russian Olive core also has great properties and is usually suitable for use with water or milk. The elimination of body poisons, intestinal ducts, eliminating bloating, eliminating all kinds of infections, improving the function of the heart and muscles are the most important properties of the nucleus. The consumption of Russian Olive and its core as breakfast can be much more useful.

5. methods of keeping Russian Olive

The Russian Olive is susceptible and, therefore, it has to use special measures to keep it intact. Keeping the Russian Olive has its own method; since the mantle of this fruit is similar to powdered condition, it should not be exposed to moisture, because it comes to the dough and women who intend to use it in a variety of foods, Will not be able to use it. the refrigerator is not a good place to hold the Russian Olive, and it's better to keep it dry. Also, since the fruit's shell is very thin and the mantle has a powdery state, many insects are keen on feeding it; so you must put it in plastic or glass containers. This is a more sensible thing about Russian Olive powder and you should close the door immediately after use.

6. Tips on buying Russian Olive

You need to pay attention to the following: first, buy fresh Russian Olive as much as possible; freshly picked ones are more delicious and more tasteful. One-two-year-old Russian Olive get dry and get stuck in the throat while eating. The second point in buying Russian Olive is the accuracy of the product's health; some Russian Olive may have an aphid or a worm that can not be understood at first glance. So make sure when you buy it, for example, grab a few seeds to know about their healthy. If you are going to buy Russian Olive powder, ask the seller before buying about being the core powder or not and as much as possible buy powder with the core. Russian Olive and it’s powder are commonly found in all perfume stores. It's better to buy this product from a store that has a lot of customers, because in these stores, it usually ends early and the product in the store will be fresh.

7. Import and export of Russian Olive

In general, we can see Russian Olive as one of the best exportable products; it is grown in many provinces in our country, or it grows on its own from scattered cores. The fruit plant also has many properties and it can be used widely in the field of wood. Oil can be obtained from the seeds of this fruit. Flowers also have the ability to extract Essences, and these features have all come together to make Russian Olive an extremely unique product for export. It is interesting to note that in traditional medicine, Russian Olive is one of the strategic plants that can be considered in the economy. Up to now, more than 14 industries have been established with the focus of Russian Olive, Food and Industrial Products, that the most important of them are oil production, jelly production, the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, the production of food supplements for animals, the use of Essences Perfumery and packaging industry, all of which show the high importance of this product. Nowadays, southern Khorasan, Hamedan and East Azarbaijan provinces are among the most important poles in the production of Russian Olive in the country, with about 4 thousand tons of products annually capturing the capacity to supply and export the country.
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