A tree plant belonging to the family Rhamnaceae, which is called Jujuba tree. This product is also known in Iranian traditional medicine texts such as Anab, Shilne, Silane, Shilank, Tabarkhon, Arj, senjed jilan and Alma Aqaji. The height of the tree reaches about 8 meters, the branches are thorny and its leaves are small and alternately on the branch. Its fruit is green first and then it becomes red. This plant is propagated in Southern Khorasan through the Pajush method.


Pharmaceutical Properties and Uses:

uIn chemistry, annab (jujube) fruit has been reported with vitamin C, enamel, sugar and protein. In addition, in the fruit, there is a tannin called Zizifutanik, which is also found in tree wood. Root, stem, leaf and fruit of annab plant are used in herbal medicine. Boiled root is useful for wound healing. Its root is useful for wound healing, and it also has a good effect on the removal of excessive satiety and digestion. Cooked root with meat or soup is useful to boost milk and to stop the output of blood from the lungs.Annab (jujube) fruit is used to purify blood, help digestion and soften the breast. Its core is sleepy and oppressive. It also relaxes the nerves, boosts the body, strengthens the stomach,
anti-cough and eliminates insomnia. annab (jujube) fruit is also used to treat pharyngeal and pharyngeal vomiting and is a haemapoietic drug. This fruit reduces inflammation, hematuria, liver, kidney and bladder pain and The leaf is used as a linoleum for urinating.


Drug and therapeutic uses of annab (jujube):

annab (jujube) has been used as a valuable medicinal herb in Iranian Herbal Medicine and other herbal medicine since ancient times, and the use of this product dates back to about 2,000 years ago. Different plant organs such as root, skin, branch, leaf, seed and fruit are used in herbal medicine. Some uses of annab (jujube) in the herbal medicine of Iran and the world are:


  • The annab (jujube) root is used to prevent fever.
  • Juice root is useful for wound healing.
  • annab (jujube) is used to make a product that is effective in removing excessive satiety.
  • annab (jujube) is used to make a product that is effective in increasing milk.
  • Skin, root and stem are useful for cutting diarrhea.
  • The Ethanol compounds in the annab (jujube)leaf extract have protective effects on liver injuries caused by carbon tetrachloride.
  • The annab (jujube) core is effective for pain relief.
  • The annab (jujube) leaves can be used to make the drug for strengthening the hair.
  • annab (jujube) leaves can be used in Mouthwash.
  • annab (jujube) fruit is a purifier of blood.
  • annab (jujube) fruit is effective in treating coughing and colds.
  • The fruit of annab (jujube) and its core are effective in removing insomnia.
  • boiled annab (jujube) fruit is useful to relieve eclipse of sound
  • The fruit of annab (jujube) and its core can be used in the manufacture of linoleum to eliminate the droplets of urine.
  • annab (jujube) fruit can reduce the Sputum.
  • annab (jujube) fruit in India is used to prevent excessive menstrual bleeding.
  • annab ( jujube) core in form of herbal tea is used as a sleepy and opiate.
  • Zizifos Formula is a classic herbal remedy In China that is used to reduce blood pressure and it is based on annab (jujube).
  • The annab (jujube) is a general booster of the body and the stomach.
  • The fruit and leaves of the annab (jujube) are anti-Swelling and anti-bacterial.
  • Annab (jujube) leaves and fruits are used to treat skin diseases.
  • Based on herbal medicine, the annab (jujube) leaves have antifungal properties.
  • In China and Korea, the methanolic extracts of chlorobenchis are noticable due to antibacterial properties.
  • The annab (jujube) eliminates inflammation of the body.
  • Annab (jujube) is useful for thirst.
  • relieves kidney and liver pain.
  • Soaked juice of annab (jujube) or its combination with chicory sweat is useful for bile and blood disorders.
  • Boiled annab (jujube) is useful for chronic back pain.
  • The combination of annab (jujube) , figs, dates and Curry is a useful medicine for chest diseases that is used in traditional medicine.
  • If you chop the annab (jujube) in cold water and eat fast in the morning, it is useful for treating cholesterol.
  • The annab (jujube) leaves contain saponin and therefore has a detoxification effect.
  • A mixture of annab (jujube) powder and its core for intestinal ulcer has beneficial effects.
  • The juice of the annab (jujube) tree, which is secreted from the stems or branches, is very effective with vinegar for general strengthening of the body.
  • The annab (jujube) tree is astringent due to the high tannin content and is useful in treating diarrhea.
  • The boiled annab (jujube) is useful for asthma and dyspnea.
  • The annab (jujube) core is useful for relieving great fatigue.
  • the Fruit of annab (jujube) and its core are useful for strengthens memory.
  • Annab (jujube) with lettuce is useful for preventing cancer.
  • Brewed annab (jujube) leaves are effective in treating bleeding from the gums.
  • The Ointment produced from the annab (jujube) leaves, locally removes joint pain.
  • If the root of the annab (jujube) is cooked with meat or powdered with soup, it helps to increase milk in mothers.
  • Boiling of skin of the stems, branches and leaves of the annab (jujube) is very useful for relieving itching and Skin patches. This boil is taken topically and orally.
  • Brewed annab (jujube) leaves temporarily affect the taste and disrupts the sense of taste. This is temporary.

Scientific name: Zizi phus jujube mill






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