Zereshk (Barberry) is one of the most important herbs in Iran. The zereshk (Barberry) habitat is located in the southern part of the Khurasan. zereshk (Barberry) pharmaceutic consumption is not limited to zereshk (Barberry) without seeds; seedling species was also used about 1000 years ago. In the recent research, the plant has been analyzed for chemical composition and consumption of its products such as extract, syrup, marmalade and soft drinks are adviced. Wood, root and stem skin, leaf and fruit of zereshk (Barberry) tree are used in pharmaceutical applications.


Pharmaceutical Properties and Uses:

Various materials have been reported in the chemical analysis of the fruit, leaf, stem and root of the plant, including alkaloid berberine, bromine, oxacetine, diethizin, columbamycin and shubauxunin. sugar, malic acid, tartaric acid and oxyacetine, bromine, oxybarbine, isotrederdine, diethizin and magno-fluorine picrates have been reporte in In zereshk (Barberry) . zereshk is cold and dry in terms of traditional Iranian medicine, and its fruit consumption is used to reduce mucosal secretions and bleeding. zereshk (Barberry) also defeats the bile and tint of the heart and the liver, cutting out the hemorrhage of the hemorrhage and it is also beneficial to prevent bleeding of the body. Blood purifier is used to reduce blood triglyceride levels. Barberry is effective in the treatment of hypertension and is an antiviral of the liver. It is recommended to take zereshk (Barberry) to regulate the microbial flora after taking antibiotics. For sore throat, bladder and lung infections, chest pain and malaria, zereshk (Barberry) fruit is very useful. Brewed zereshk (Barberry) leaf is very useful for kneading, stomach diarrhea, gum and mouth diseases and sore throats. Chewing of zereshk (Barberry) leaves help to strengthening the gum. The skin of the stem has an anti-parasite effect and Eliminate fever. It is beneficial to eat stem skin for the liver, it is very beneficial for the regulation of digestive problems and for the elimination of abnormalities. For hemorrhoids and constipation, it eliminates the swelling of the spleen and reduces blood pressure and eliminates irritation of the urinary tract.

Scientific name: Berberis.SP

Old and ancient names: Amberburys, Anberbaris, Zarch, and Anberbiris

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