Birjand is the capital of the Iranian province of South Khorasan. The city is known for its saffron, Zereshk (barberry), Annab (jojoba), and handmade carpet exports. You can find the best Saffron and Zereshk in Southern Khorasan. They are the most famous souvenirs of Birjand, however, Annab and plums are also of the finest qualities. Birjand has a cold desert climate with hot summers and cool winters and a significant difference between day and night temperatures. Precipitation falls mostly in winter and spring.

Mohamadnaser Khosravi

We have started its activity for about 60 years in Birjand, the center of South Khorasan province, Iran. We are a family-owned, enterprise in the Saffron and Zereshk industry and our family does this business from past generations. Mohamadnaser Khosravi who is my father manages and leads this business. He is one of the best entrepreneurs, innovators, and farmers in this area. All our farms are technological, they are equipped with drip irrigation systems and granaries. We have been able to gain the satisfaction and trust of customers because of natural and organic products. We work with the natural system instead of spray and chemical fertilizers for production. This company has been keeping a high profile as a specialized, innovative, honest, serious and prominent producer and exporter on the world trade scene for high-quality and differently-packaged saffron and services based on customer satisfaction because we believe you deserve the best.

We (Shahram Khosravi and my father) establish this site to supply and export the products directly without any dealers, with the best qualities and reasonable prices.
We warranty the purity, quality, and hygiene of our products. Also, we can give you certificates from the best laboratory. You can trust us.

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