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Bīrjand is the capital of the Iranian province of South Khorasan. The city is known for its saffron, zereshk (barberry), Annab( jojoba), and handmade carpet exports. Birjand had a population of more than 200000. Birjand has a cold desert climate with hot summers, cool winters and a significant difference between day and night temperatures. Precipitation falls mostly in winter and spring.

Mohamadnaser Khosravi

We are producer of zereshk (barberry), saffron and jojoba for more than 60 years in Birjand, center of south khorasan province, Iran and our family do This business from past generations. Now my father mohamadnaser khosravi manage and lead this business in the family and he is one of the best entrepreneurs, innovator and farmers in this area.
Khorasan province and Birjand are the main center of producing saffron, zereshk (barberry) and Annab (jojoba) and many other medicinal herbs In the world.
Our farms are one the technological farms which uses Drip irrigation, garners which keep the products naturally, and don’t uses any spray and chemical fertilizers, they are all natural and organic.

We ( shahram khosravi and my father ) establish this site to supply and export the products directly without any dealer and with the best quality.
we can give you certificate from the best labratory, It means In this way you can buy with trusty and better price than others.

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